Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Basisexamen Inburgering

The civic integration examination abroad
The civic integration examination abroad is an examination that must be taken in the country of residence and therefore before the foreign national comes to the Netherlands. The civic integration examination abroad is an oral examination that is taken in Dutch. The examination tests candidates basic knowledge of the Dutch language and Dutch society. The examination is taken at a Dutch Embassy or Consulate General.
In order to prepare for the examination, the foreign national must gain an understanding of the Dutch language and knowledge of Dutch society. It is up to the foreign national to decide how he or she wishes to prepare for the examination. The government will not set any rules in this respect, nor will it provide any courses. A practice pack has however been compiled. Practice packs can be purchased for a sum of รข‚¬63.90 at bookshops in the Netherlands and via various booksellers on the internet. The sponsor in the Netherlands can purchase this pack and send it to the foreign national.
The pack consists of: a film about the Netherlands on DVD or video; a booklet with photos from the film, a CD containing all of the questions that may arise during the Knowledge of Dutch Society examination, three Dutch language mock examinations that can be used in order to practice at home, and an instruction leaflet explaining how to use the pack. The foreign national can use this practice pack to prepare for the civic integration examination abroad. In addition, a great deal of teaching material is available in the Netherlands, some of which can also be used for self-study. The person living in the Netherlands who wants the foreign national to come to the Netherlands can forward these teaching materials to the foreign national. More information about the practice pack can be found at

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